Sonoma County has the unique claim of being the birthplace of National Women’s History Month.

Let’s make history….again

About WE-2020

This is a year-long campaign to elevate, celebrate and inspire Sonoma County women.

Current Challenge:

100 years ago, women got the right to vote —
but we still don’t have equal pay or representation. WE-2020 will be focused all year on changing that.

Our Goals:

To increase the # of women who:

  • — Vote & Run for office
  • — Connect women in leadership with women and girls who are ready to step up
  • — Unite together to be inspired

Our Methods Throughout 2020:

  • — We will create and produce high profile kick-ass events
  • — We will have a memorable presence at numerous existing events
  • — We will power an interactive web hub to connect women and reveal those career fields where women are still in the minority

Profits Go To:

WE-2020 scholarships


Empowering women to attain true equity — is our ultimate goal. But we welcome men and non-binary people who have our same desire to overcome ALL inequality.