2020 Calendar

Upcoming Events

June 21

Sonoma County Women of Faith: A Call to Unity

Sonoma County women clergy from a myriad of faiths come together with a message of Unity and Peace. 

July 18 or 19

Join a Flash Mob

A dance protest at the Bohemian Grove Campus
Monte Rio (press will be covering this event)

Sept 11

Dance through the Decades

With only 2 more months until the election, women will be needing a way to let off steam and have some fun! Your favorite local women will guest DJ -featuring women-led music for every decade.

A ten hour Danceathon starting at 2pm

Past Events

Oct 26 2019

Join a Flash Mob

@ North Bay Womens Expo
Graton Casino, Rohnert Park

April 23

Join a Flash Mob

@ Women Talk Biz Event
Noon at the Flamingo Hotel, Santa Rosa

May 15

Join a Flash Mob

@ Opening day of Courthouse Square Farmers Market
6pm in Santa Rosa

June 6

Join a Flash Mob

@ Pride Parade
2pm in Santa Rosa