2020 Calendar

We are currently building out our calendar and sponsorships for events in 2020

Below are some of the groups gaining traction.

Email us if you’d like to be involved in a certain area or want to add an area of interest: info@we-2020.org

Upcoming Events

April 23

Join a Flash Mob

@ Women Talk Biz Event
Noon at the Flamingo Hotel, Santa Rosa

May 15

Join a Flash Mob

@ Opening day of Courthouse Square Farmers Market
6pm in Santa Rosa

June 6

Join a Flash Mob

@ Pride Parade
2pm in Santa Rosa

July 18 or 19

Join a Flash Mob

A dance protest at the Bohemian Grove Campus
Monte Rio (press will be covering this event)


Clergy of all Faiths UNITE

Women clergy of all faiths are inviting the Community to join them to a service welcoming healing messages from all faiths. This unique gathering is meant to strengthen peace between religions and speak to the truth of struggles of women (and all people) at the hands of religious institutions.
1pm in Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa


Dance through the Decades

With only 2 more months until the election, women will be needing a way to let off steam and have some fun! Your favorite local women will guest DJ -featuring women-led music for every decade.

A ten hour Danceathon starting at 2pm